We are dedicated to providing high-quality cloud service. Our service includes Cloud Server, VPS, Web Hosting, Dedicated Server, Anti-DDoS, Technical Services. We can fit any scenes to be used with our expertise. We will give you the best experience!



We think the most important thing is quality, so we do our best to provide the best experience.

Privacy Policy

All personal information is processed with GDPR and CPPDPL (Taiwan)

Diversity service

The scope of support spans multiple fields, supporting your business in all aspects.

24/7 Support

Provide 24/7 support. Assure your rights for the service.

Affordable price

Provide market-competitive prices and enjoy the best cost and quality.


Provide multiple locations and types. We also welcome you to book a meeting with us!

VPS(Cloud Server)

Highest Free

From 7.50 USD/m

  • Anti-DDoS
  • Auto Backup
  • For all service
  • ---------------------
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99% SLA Policy
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DDoS Protection

10Gbps~60Tbps+ Multiple locations and plan

From 6 USD/m

  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple service and protocol
  • 10Gbps~60Tbps+ Diversity Plan
  • ---------------------
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99% SLA Policy
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Let us assist cloudification with a professional attitude

We make cloudization easy. Years of experience in the market let us know the needs of our customers, and we can meet multiple services at one time, saving a lot of trouble.


Web Hosting

We offer a variety of architectures to maximize the integration of different types of websites.

Cloud Server

Provide corresponding device specifications for service types to ensure user experience and costs.

DDoS Protection

Provide a complete protection solution with multiple methods and specifications to meet customer budgets and needs.

Automatic Service Maker

Reduce human resource usage, simplify overhead and time.

Managed Services

Let us help manage cloud hosting and save human resources.

System Integration Services

Multiple data are combined at one time, be security and convenience.

Our Customer

First time know us? Why not see the comment from our customers.



"Since using the Anti-DDoS defense of NCSE NETWORK, our players have never been disconnected again, and the fast processing and reply speed make us not worry at all!"


Mr. Lin

"In the past, the performance of our host was always insufficient. After NCSE NETWORK assisted in optimization and guidance, our host will no longer be stuck, and the customer experience will be better."

Why choose us?

Multiple integrate

We can assist in planning and integration for customers with multiple service needs, to maximize cost and time savings.

Professional Support

Except providing cloud services, we also provide technical support to maximize the convenience of our customers.

Multiple solutions

According to different needs, we can tailor-made solutions to optimize the use of budget.

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